Pet Nat

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Tasting Notes

The handmade wines from Gemtree seek to disrupt. Experimental batches made from small parcels of organic and biodynamic fruit. These wines are an expression of the joy and curiosity of winemaking, free from convention, free from restraints. Only 700 bottles made.


Bright crimson.


The nose is remiscinent of a fresh ferment and the taste of grapes fresh from the vine with scents of rose petal, strawberries and lychees.

Food Pairings

Not required, drink as an aperative or with dessert. Best served chilled on a warm spring/summer's day with friends.


This wine is a very natural and cloudy example of pure Grenache from McLaren Vale. The palate is juicy and the strawberry fruit carries through with a dollop of creaminess on the finish.



100% Organic Grenache



Cellaring potential

Drink now.


Pet Nat 2018

Winemaker's notes

Petilliant Naturale or Methode Ancestrale (Pet Nat for short) is one of a few very old techniques that are currently having their time in the spotlight again. The technique involves bottling raw fermenting grape juice and sealing it. Bubbles are produced as a by-product of fermentation continuing in the bottle. The Grenache was hand-picked early to capture the natural acid and flavour profile. The fruit was tipped into the press and only 450 litres per tonne was kept for this wine. For the first 24 hours, the wine was left to settle with no additions. Once 24 hours had elapsed, the still cloudy juice was racked off the solids into an old wooden cask for fermentation. The juice never went above 14C to ensure the natural fermentation locked in the fresh vibrant fruit characters. We were aiming for the right concentration of sugar that would give us enough bubbles without going completely bananas. The juice was then gravity fed into bottles where it underwent tirage - the bubble making process. The juice finished ferment in the bottle, at which point we riddled and disgorged the wine. Only 700 bottles made.