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A story of love ~ Uncut

 full page engagement story

Graeme approached us a few months ago to get his hands on some Uncut Shiraz in Canada. This was the wine he and his girlfriend Kristina enjoyed on the beach on their very first date. Clearly a very sensitive new aged guy, Graeme planned to recreate their first date to pop the question. We’ll let Graeme tell the rest of the story…

“I received the beautifully gift packaged wine with a hand written note from Mike, absolutely amazing! It was delivered to me at my work so that Kristina was none the wiser and I managed to keep it hidden in my apartment cellar until the time was right.

So on August 1st Kristina got off work at 8:00pm and I ensured that a deliciously picnic was ready to go (fresh cut local fruit, Boursin Cheese and baguette and bubbly OJ). Took her down to our local beach where we had our first date with Gemtree.

As we got out the car I handed her a bouquet of flowers, she was having a little bit of a tough week so she thought I was just being sweet :)

We set up our picnic and enjoyed until it started to get cold, which is where I finally pulled out my sweater with the Gemtree hidden inside! As soon as she unwrapped the wine she started crying tears of pure joy, pretty sure she knew exactly what was about to happen!

So with a gorgeous pink sunset over the water I knelt on one knee and proposed to my best gal!

We are now happily engaged, in no small part to the generosity and wine making skill of the Gemtree family.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to make this magical moment as perfect as possible, and at the same time all the girls around here jealous!

From a happily engaged couple in Canada!” Graeme and Kristina.