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Behind the Cellar Door

In Early 2013, a long journey came to a quiet end.  On April 18th, the doors to our new cellar door were softly opened to the public, ushering in the dawn of a new era for Gemtree.  These new tasting premises stand proudly on the Eastern slopes of the Vale, overlooking our wetlands and vineyards.

Here now was the opportunity to tell the Gemtree story in situ, engaging our visitors old and new.  Gemtree had finally come home.

Driven up from Victoria and delivered in three parts on the back of trucks, the building came to rest on its stilts back in January.  The building itself, constructed from recycled and plantation timbers and incorporating energy efficient design, was commissioned to physically manifest our shared philosophy of environmental sustainability. 

To reduce its impact the building also uses a 10Kw solar power system, rainwater catchment tanks and a wastewater treatment system that irrigates some 60 shrubs in the far corner of the paddock.   With the intention of cutting a footpath from the cellar door through the vines to the wetlands, we hope to create an integrated eco-tourism destination unique to the Southern Vales.

We have welcomed over 2000 guests so far. Most come to taste Gemtree’s range of organic wines but discover so much more when they get here. From fairtrade coffee to platters filled with fresh Fleurieu produce to walls adorned with the endeavours of local artists, we have set the cellar door up to be an engaging experience.  With new wines and new vintages, there is always a reason to come by and see us.