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SURPRISE! Your Albarino is Savagnin

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Some say, “out of adversity comes opportunity”… this sums up our Moonstone Savagnin perfectly. One hundred per cent biodynamic, we originally planted this variety, ‘Savagnin’, under the assumption that it was the famous Spanish dry white ‘Albarino’. You can understand our heartache and disappointment when it was discovered that apparently the powers that be that control these things got it wrong big time, and the variety was actually a little known variety from France known as ‘Savagnin’.

This same ‘mix up’ happened to a number of wineries dotted throughout the Vale but  we have rolled with it and concentrated on producing a simple, easy-drinking aromatic white wine, uncomplicated, fermented naturally and put into bottle. Definitely a perfect summer aperitif and a nice alternative to that other ‘Savvy’.