Certified Organic

Gemtree is a certified organic wine producer

That means we don’t use herbicides and pesticides. To control weeds we let sheep graze between the vines and we use an under vine mechanical weeder and slashers. Gemtree achieved organic certification in November 2011 and we are currently certified by Australian Certified Organics.

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Why Organics?

Being a staunch consumer and user of organic products, Melissa advocated that the removal of herbicides and many synthetic chemicals from the vineyard would produce better tasting fruit and ultimately lead to high quality wines and she was absolutely right!

By introducing organic and biodynamic farming practices in the vineyard Melissa has enhanced the overall health of our vineyard ecosystem. Mike conducted extensive experimentation with biodynamic and organic wines using alternative winemaking practices and the result is the quality wines that Gemtree produces today. Great winemaking stems from the collaboration between viticulturist and winemaker, which in this case are husband and wife.

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Did you know?

  • Wood ducks frequent our vineyards, they eat pests such as slugs and snails and their manure also makes excellent natural fertiliser for our vines.
  • Our Wiltipoll sheep are an important part of weed control in our vineyards. They shed their own wool, removing the need for shearing and making them more resistant to pests and diseases.
  • Alpacas are natural shepherds. We have 2 alpacas named Gus and Caruso, they protect our lambs from foxes. Their padded feet and gentle grazing minimise land degradation. They deposit their dung in one location and it serves as fertiliser.
  • We have bottled our very own organically grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It’s sold exclusively through cellar door and you can taste it on our platters.
  • We try to use organic, local and biodynamic produce as much as possible. We use organic fairtrade Ethiopian Sidamo coffee, milk and cheese from Paris Creek Bio-Dynamic Farms, organic herbs and greens from our own garden, Willunga Hills organic olives and Spice Girlz dukkah and Kassundi. And you’ll even find Lexie’s home made biscuits.
  • The garden surrounding cellar door is planted predominantly with natives and the area is maintained organically with no herbicides used. And we also farm an organic veggie patch next to the solar panels... the produce ends up on your platters.