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Your Escape into Nature

With shared philosophies and commitment to the environment and sustainability, Gemtree Wines and CABN are natural partners. Together, CABN expanded their existing accommodation locations to include sites throughout McLaren Flat amongst the vines and ancient towering gums of Gemtree’s natural beauty.

Our organic and biodynamic credentials have roots as old as our decades-old vines, we firmly believe it is our responsibility to improve the land for future generations. We are committed and dedicated to improving our soils, the environment and local biodiversity.

CABN’s simple approach is to create sustainable, off-grid cabins that leave as little impact on the environment as possible, located in breathtaking surrounds providing you with the opportunity to escape into nature.

Our combined partnership towards enriched experience-based hospitality allows you to connect with nature in one of four CABNs (WilliamGilesMila and Bella) situated amongst the Gemtree vineyards, encouraging you to relax, rediscover and reconnect.

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