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The Gemtree History

Our commitment to organic and biodynamic practices is as deeply rooted as our decades-old vines.

On land purchased in the 1980s by Paul and Jill Buttery - down a narrow, gum-lined track just off Elliott Road - a new chapter began to unfold.

With a simple commitment to producing something truly special, ‘Gemtree’ began its viticultural journey.

The first vineyards were established and carefully nurtured, with several varieties tended until the mid-1990s.

But, destined to be more than just a winery, a new, innovative and environmentally conscious approach was taking shape.

1994 saw Paul and Jill’s daughter, Melissa, and her soon-to-be husband Mike Brown, take the reins – and right from the outset, the decision was made to work with nature, not against it.

Recognising the benefit of a sustainable approach, Melissa embarked on a learning journey, becoming a qualified viticulturist and well-regarded expert in biodynamic and organic farming.

And so the vineyards became her testing ground for new ways of working.

Gemtree’s legacy had begun.

Beginning with a several small patches of Tempranillo, organic and biodynamic practices were slowly introduced which saw significant improvement in vineyard health and the production of intensely flavoured fruit.

In the winery, Mike was doing the same - experimenting with biodynamic winemaking techniques that still stand today.

Based on their success, these sustainable practices were rolled out across the property, culminating in full organic certification in 2011.

Working together, Melissa and Mike had created something special.

And for over 25 years we’ve reaped the rewards.

Today, under the nurturing guardianship of the Randall Wine Group, we're proud to share our healthy vineyards and high quality, award-winning wines with the world.